It is a rich and original experience to learn English with your method. Your lesson is like my coffee, I need it in the morning it helps my mind to think and to puzzle out the audio lesson you send me.

Robert Smith
"This is the easiest and fastest way to learn "live English" outside of English speaking countries!"
Kenneth Edwards

I would like to say that you've been doing a very good job, I'm very thankful to you that you have provided this opportunity to improve English on-line. I learn a lot from Esl Lab.

Anna Mrówczyńska

Thank you very much for your wonderful lessons. I find them very helpful. I'm a teacher of English and it is very important for me to improve my technological teaching skills with the help of you. In addition, your lessons are very useful for my classes.My students also like your lessons. You help us not only to learn and teach English, but to know practically much more about the Computer Assisted Language Learning. Great job!

George Martin